Приемът на студенти за степен „магистър” е по документи.


Only students, who have graduated from accredited higher schools, are admitted. Applicants must have a minimum of ‘Good’ result in order to participate in the ranking.


- Application to the Rector according to a template (filled in on the place of submitting documents)
- Diploma for completed secondary education, diploma for completed higher education (Educational-qualification degrees Professional Bachelor, Bachelor or Master) (photocopy and original)
- If a diploma is to be issued: certificate or academic transcript - an original with an average result from studies and a state examination result.
- ID card (photocopy and original)
* When submitting the documents, the original is compared with the photocopy and returned to the applicant.
- Paid student applicant fee. 
* The documents are submitted in person or by a person authorized by the applicant within the specified time limits at the specified addresses.


The ranking is based on a competition score, which is formed as the sum of the average result from studies and the average state exam result (or result from diploma thesis defense ) of the higher education diploma, used for application purposes, is divided into two. Applicants must have a minimum of ‘Good’ result in order to participate in the ranking.


For the Higher School of Agribusiness and Rural Development can apply Bulgarian and foreign citizens without age restrictions. The duration of studies is two, three or four semesters according to the speciality of the completed higher education and of the speciality in the master program applied for.


- Enrollment documents package (purchased on site)
- Four photos - 3.5 / 4.5 cm format
- Document for paid first semester fee.


Education in the higher school is paid. The school fee is paid in two semesters. Fees are paid fifteen days before the start of the semester on the bank account of the school. The initial tuition fee is paid before enrollment on the bank account of UARD.